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Welcome to Hang Time! 

Hang Time is our after-school program that runs every Tuesday, Wednesday (including early release time), and Thursday starting on October 3rd.  This program gives the students a chance to interact in a positive, structured environment and engage in various activities.

It is run by the City of Shoreline Staff and takes place in the Commons and offers a range of activities including sports, art, video games, ping pong, and board games. 

Hang Time participants must be registered to attend. Registration must be done quarterly. Registration will open on  December 19th for the Winter quarter. You can find the registration using the following link: Kellogg MS - Hang Time (Jan, Feb, Mar).Hang Time participants are eligible to ride the activity bus home at 5:00 pm.

Hang Time is available after dismissal at 1:30 on early-release Wednesdays. Students may stay from 1:30 until pick up at 4:45.

Hang Time is separate from Kellogg ASB clubs. If your student is interested in participating in a Kellogg ASB club, they do not need to register for Hang Time


For more information, contact Hayden Spevacek at or (206) 373-1239.